Reesor Family Reunion Souvenirs

A variety of souvenirs were available for purchase at the 2000 Reesor family reunion on Saturday, June 24, 2000. The following is information and prices for these items. The souvenirs can be ordered for mail delivery or pick up. Payment is to be made by sending a cheque. An order form will be available on this site shortly. All prices below are in Canadian dollars.

   cotton tote bag ($5.00)

   ceramic mug ($7.00 each or 6 for $40.00)

   china bell featuring picture of Reesor cairn ($10.00)  sold out!

   plate commemorating the presidents of the nine Reesor family reunions ($10.00)  sold out!

   18 month calendar featuring photographs of Reesor family pioneer homes ($10.00)

   hand carved walking stick by Russ Reesor ($20.00)  sold out!

   Reesor Family in Canada 2000 video ($20.00)

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